At HFDC, we believe in preventative dentistry. Examinations and scale & cleans are an essential way to prevent tooth and gum disease. If fillings are needed, a resin composite (white) is the most common material used. We also use a Glass Ionomer material which releases fluoride – this is often used when treating children.

Our hygienist is an integral part of the team – specially trained in addressing periodontal disease and performing thorough, gentle cleans.


Protection and prevention of tooth and gum disease for children is a priority at Hastings Family Dental Care. With gentle and caring dental treatment, as well sound dental hygiene and dietary advice, we hope to ensure your child has a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

We offer gap-free examinations for children with health funds that have dental extras. We also ‘bulk bill’ all treatment for those children eligible under Medicare’s Child Dental Benefits Scheme.


Tooth bleaching has become a common way to revitalize and enhance smiles. We recommend take home bleaching solutions which allow better control and long term results. Impressions are taken in clinic and individualised custom trays are made on site.

These are fitted and bleaching kits given along with instruction. Usually 2 weeks of daily bleaching sessions are enough to brighten and lighten teeth.


The tooth’s nerve and blood vessel is housed in the canal which travels down the middle of the tooth. If these become irritated, traumatised or affected by bacteria, pain and/or infection may result.

Root canal therapy aims to clean out and sterilise this canal of the irritants and fill up this space to remove pain/infection and ultimately save teeth from extraction.


Wisdom teeth often cause pain and disruption in the mouth when they erupt if there is not enough space to accommodate them. Often they require extraction.

We have the ability to take full-mouth (OPG) radiographs on site and can extract many troublesome wisdom teeth in-chair.


Crowns are a popular treatment used to reinforce weakened teeth and prevent fractures leading to loss of tooth. They are essentially a strong cap that covers the tooth and are particularly useful for heavily filled and root canalled teeth. They can also be used to change the shape and appearance of teeth as well, especially in the front of your mouth.

A bridge is a restoration that replaces a lost tooth/gap with a new artificial tooth that is attached to a crown adjacent to it. In the right scenario, it can be a very effective way to recover a missing tooth and reinforce the neighbouring teeth as well.


Dental implants are an effective way to replace teeth and avoid gaps or dentures. They are fixed and strong, and look and feel like natural teeth.

A titanium screw is placed into the jaw bone and our experienced clinicians restore this with a porcelain tooth above. Placement of the implant can be done under General Anaesthetic or in-chair, and only usually has minimal level of discomfort initially.


A Mouthguard is an essential piece of equipment in many contact sports and hobbies to protect our precious teeth from trauma. We make mouthguards on site and they can usually be ready within days.

Family Dental Care in Hastings

We are a family dental clinic focused on delivering the highest standard of ethical dental care. Prevention of dental disease is our main objective. We recognise each patient has unique dental needs, and we aim to meet these with care and understanding.

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